Ivan, Lewis & Clark College, Senior

Class of 2010, College Senior, Full Time Student

Email: iramirez@lclark.edu

9 Tips About Doing Well in College:

  •  If you're serious about college, college will open
     tons of doors for you.
  •  Talk to your professors and actually make friends with
     them; this is your chance to make future career 
  •  College school work is not something you can always
     do over night.
  •  Don't worry about money being an obstacle. If you look
     there are tons of scholarships online.
  •  Get your Free Application for Federal Student Aid(FAFSA)
     done now!
  •  Don't worry about SAT scores; they aren't a sign of
     whether or not you're college material. Some colleges 
     will even offer you the chance not to submit your
     Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT )scores.
  •  Get involved with your college. Join clubs, sports and
     organizations. Be ready to meet people who don't 
     share your views.
  •  Live in a dorm--away from home. Trust me, even though it
     will (or might) be hard at first, you'll learn new things/abilities 
     about yourself that you never saw before.
  •  Visit and apply to as many colleges as you can.