Nancy, CSUN

Class of: 2012,College Sophomore


10 Tips to Succeed in College:

  • Make sure to take your ELM and EPT seriously, if it
    applies to you.
  • Do not procrastinate in college!
  • Stay on top of deadlines, whether it pertains to
    homework assignments or scholarships.
  • Fill out your FAFSA application deadline on time.
  • Make sure to prioritize and know what should
    be your main focus.
  • Time management!
  • ¬†Apply to all sorts of scholarships you never know
     which ones you might qualify for.
  • Take courses that you need towards your
    major so you can graduate sooner.
  • Don't waste your financial aid money! Save it up
    and if you have money left over, spend it
    after the college year is over with.
  • Do your A-G requirements.