2014-2015 Major Scholarship Deadlines

Major Scholarships

There are many major scholarships available to under-represented students. Here are just a few…

2014-2015 Major Scholarship Deadlines


September 26, 2014



Application is now open

Only U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents are eligible to receive College Match scholarships to partner colleges (with the exception of Brown, Pomona, Princeton, and Yale, who may consider applications from students who are not U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents). Students who are not U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents can still use the QuestBridge application, be chosen as QuestBridge finalists, and participate in the Regular Decision process.

Although only U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents are generally eligible for College Match scholarship packages, our partner colleges will consider allstudents who apply through the Regular Decision process, regardless ofcitizenship status. Each year, many QuestBridge applicants who are not U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents gain acceptance and financial aid to our partner colleges via the Regular Decision process.


October 31, 2014

The Coca Cola Scholarship Program


The application is now open.

U.S. Citizens; U.S. Nationals; U.S. Permanent Residents; Temporary Residents (in a legalization program); Refugees; Asylees; Cuban-Haitian Entrants; or Humanitarian Parolees;


November 2014

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation College Scholarship Program


Competitive scholarship for top seniors. Opens September. Due November.


December 15, 2014

Hispanic Scholarship Fund.


Application opens September 1

With exception, of Gates Millennium, your Hispanic Scholarship application services as the one master application for dozens of scholarships. Your applications need to be in as soon as possible to meet various deadlines. For other major scholarships and their deadlines: http://www.hsf.net/innerContent.aspx?id=426

Officially: Be a U.S. citizen OR legal permanent resident with a valid permanent resident card or passport stamped I-551

Others can apply.


November 17, 2014

Univision Scholarship

All can apply if you have 3.0 GPA and higher.

For freshmen and transfer students.



January 14, 2015



The application is now open.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015 11:59 pm EST deadline

January 15, 2015

Dell Scholars Program


U.S. citizenship or permanent residency


February 10, 2015 for freshman (Check for specific date, 2015 date not yet posted)

May 10, 2015 for transfers and graduate students

Norman Topping Student Aid Fund at University of Southern California.



February 17, 2015 (Exact 2015

GE-Ronald Reagan Scholarship

Application opens November 14

Each year, roughly 20 Scholars will receive a $10,000 scholarship renewable for an additional three years – up to $40,000 total per recipient.



March 1, 2015

Hispanic College Fund.

Application closes March 1


Be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident; or, have graduated from a high school in the U.S. after having attended at least three years

Ideally GPA 3.0 or higher.