First Semester Advice: Make Friends and Develop Community

Starting community college can be daunting.

Classes are big, and you may not know many people. Yet, if Community on NBC was any indication, you can make the most unlikely and lifelong friends. So here are some tips to make friends (and to get involved). Getting ready to transfer starts now, so following these tips will enhance your transfer application as well!!!

  1. Sign up for clubs and activities. The first weeks of school all the school organizations recruit new members. Find them. There are academic, cultural, political, social, service, and more clubs on each campus. You can make instant friends by joining a club.sports
  2. Join a sport or take an exercise class. There are sports at all community colleges. Some are competitive while others are just for fun. Participating in varsity sports gets your enrollment benefits. Other sports or exercise opportunities are healthy and ways to meet new people.
  3. Become part of the student government. Student governments are community colleges are very active and have a need for many diverse members. You can join right away and get into leadership positions very quickly. Student government helps provide priority enrollment.
  4. Seek tutoring and mentoring. Every community college has various services for students. There are study groups and free tutoring. If you qualify for EOPS or another support group for first gen or diverse students, you should join as again you get enrollment and community benefits.
  5. Participate in class study groups. Most large classes have labs or small discussions groups. If not, ask some students if they want to join a study group with you.
  6. Get a job on campus. There are many student jobs on campus, and they are great ways to meet new people.
  7. Volunteer on campus. Each community college has different outreach and volunteer opportunities. Look at signs around campus.change the campus
  8. Spend time on campus. Just don’t stay for your classes. Eat lunch on campus or study in the library. Just spending time on campus can help you meet people.
  9. Visit your professors during office hours. Professors often can help you meet other students through research and service hours
  10. Get an internship. If you want to gain some career experience, get an internship. You enroll in a class at your CC and meet great people there and you get real-world experience and meet 4.1.1cool people.