Calm College Readiness Tips For Juniors

Calm Covid-19 College Readiness Tips For Juniors

Take a deep breath. With all the Covid-19 quarantines, we all have to pause, adjust, and go on. We are here to help.

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  1. Academics.
    1. School-based. Do your best with remote teaching. Follow your teacher’s directions. Everyone is a learner right now.
    2. Independent work. 1. Form a book club with your friends. 2. Work on an independent research project. 3. Write poetry, short stories, scripts, op-eds. 4. Blog away. 5. Create short empowering videos. 6. Develop a new product. 7. Start a  high school or college class online.
  2. Testing.
    1. ACT and SAT. The ACT and SAT are still canceling and postponing tests. Many colleges are test-optional this year, but we don’t know about next year except for the University of California which has gotten rid of the tests for at least two more years. FairTest tracks all test-optional colleges.
    2. AP tests. Still ready yourself for AP tests as the College Board will soon release its AP 2021 test policy. Currently they will offer the tests both at home and in person in May and/or June. They will offer full-length versions this year.
    3. Practice. Still practice, practice, practice. There are many free sites where you can practice like Khan Academy.
  3. College Visits. Colleges have canceled their visits, but you can visit in other ways.
    1. Colleges’ own websites. You can visit each college’s website, youtube channel, social media, and sign up for their updates. They are all creating new videos for you. Watch.
    2. Free other websites. Sites like You Visit give free tours.
    3. Speak with current college students. Most college students are home, so you can FT time and ask them about college. They are sadder than you since they miss their college lives.
    4. College admission representatives.  They are holding virtual info sessions. Sign up. Email them if you have specific questions that only they can answer.
  4. Extracurricular Activities
    1. Sadly most of your activities are postponed. But you can be creative.
    2. Resume. Make your resume. Now’s a great time.
    3. School clubs. Your school clubs can meet remotely. Encourage your clubs to think of ways to continue your work and then plan virtual events. Still produce school newspapers, journals, and yearbooks.
    4. Athletics. You can practice outside (as I hear my neighbor playing basketball), you can buy some light weights and exercise gear. Stay in shape. This is key as you will lose those critical endorphins by not exercising. Your dogs will be so happy to get all the additional attention and walks.
    5. Community service. You can contact different agencies and non-profits. See what virtual help they can use. You can do virtual fundraisers and plan some curricula and programs for groups you adore.
  5. Summer Plans
    1. Create alternative summer plans if your formal plans get canceled.
    2. Take some classes online through your local community college.
    3. Create a product or program or show.
    4. Volunteer virtually.
    5. Get a head start on your college applications

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