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Dr. Rebecca Joseph was named An Unsung Hero of LA County in early March by the California Community Foundation. Dr. Joseph is part of a month long exhibit at LA Plaza LA and is featured as part of the LA Heroes websites–www.calfund.org/laheroes

The following is from her place in the exhibit.

Rebecca Joseph

Professor, Cal State LA

I walk two roads that lead to one powerful destination: college access and success for first generation students. On one road, I train aspiring teachers to be effective, social justice educators for all students and to serve as advocates to get their students on the path to match colleges, successful careers and meaningful, happy lives. On the other road, I travel around Los Angeles and the country giving workshops about college readiness and success to parents and guardians, students and educators. I created getmetocollege.org, write frequent blogs and offer an app that tracks college admission essay prompts. These powerful yet simple tools are an incredible resource for students.

I get emotional about the idea of breaking cycles together. But one person isn’t enough. I work with hundreds of teachers and counselors so our power is multiplied, helping thousands and thousands of kids succeed in school and get to college.

Learn more at getmetocollege.org.

Photo by N. Montes


About rjoseph

I am the creator and visionary behind this site. I want to do everything I can to help students consider college as an option, even when they may be the first in their family to go or may not have the funds at hand. Don't let anyone tell you that you don't have the right or the ability to go to college.

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One thought on “Dr. Joseph Is Unsung Hero

  • Jennifer Adrian-Thiroux

    Rebecca, I am so proud to be one who works with you. Thank you all that you do for so many students. The passion is real!

    Much love to you and your work,
    Jennifer Adrian-Thiroux
    South East High School College Counselor