How I Paid For College All By Myself 3

Martin and Williams spoke about how they are paying for college 100% through scholarships.

Watch them on their March 2010 webcast on College Week Live!!! They were the first students to speak on this amazing show.

Martin Garcia, Student – Villanova University

“How I Paid For College All By Myself”

Martin received a full-ride with tuition, general fee, room, board, and the cost of textbooks paid for four years with a scholarship to Villanova University for his academic achievement and active participation in his school, La Puente High School, and the broader civic community. Only four people in the class of 2013 received this prestigious Presidential Scholarship estimated to be worth over $220,000 dollars. In High School Martin played five varsity sports, helped create three clubs, maintained above a 4.0 gpa, and was a leader as the school’s Vice-President and an Animo Ambassador for Latino youth. At Villanova he is in the rigorous Honors Program, 20th ranked Villanova School of Business, and the Service Learning Community. After earning his degree he plans to start his own non-profit organization that helps students in low-income communities achieve things through education they could only dream of. “I want to bring hope by setting an example and prove it doesn’t matter where you come from, it’s about choosing who you want to be. I want to inspire the youth to make the right choices in their life and know a good education is always possible if you are persistent. My goal is to change lives and impact futures!” –Martin Garcia

Williams Jaurez, Student – Boston College

“How I Paid For College All By Myself”

Williams Juarez graduated from La Puente High School with a full ride to Boston College by receiving the Opportunities Through Education Scholarship (2009-2013). He is the first in his family to go to college. He is also the recipient of the USA Funds Scholarship, Hispanic Scholarship Fund, GEAR UP Scholarship, and the City of La Puente Scholarship. Throughout high school he was actively involved in Taekwondo, a third-degree black belt and an instructor, held leadership positions in student government, school clubs, and sports, while maintaining a grade point average well above a 4.0. He was admitted to eleven out of fourteen colleges that he applied to, which included UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, and Occidental College. At Boston College he currently holds a leadership position in a cultural club, is preparing to work on research with a fellow professor, and is trying to get a Taekwondo club started. He recently was awarded Sr. Thea Bowman Scholar for receiving 3.8 GPA in his first semester at Boston College.


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