Transfers: Get Ready for the 2011-2012 CSU Application Launch on October 1 6

This is a tough year for CSU admissions. More students than ever are applying, the November 30 application deadline for freshmen and transfers is fixed, and you need to make sure your application is correct and complete. Here are ten tips for getting readying for the October 1 launch of the application system for the Cal State’s 23 campuses.

  1. Have a working email address:  Check your email often as the CSU campuses will only communicate with you via email.
  2. Collect high school and college transcripts: Get a copy of your high school and/or college transcripts.  Make sure they are correct. You need these forms to complete the CSU application.
  3. Make sure you have completed the Cal State Golden Four classes by the end of spring 2011.  To transfer, you need to complete your golden four classes (College English, College Math, Critical Thinking, and Speech). There are no waivers for these four classes so make sure you finish them with high grades by spring 2011.
  4. Know your schedule for the rest of the year. You need 60 transferrable units. You need to have completed the majority of your GE classes and the classes required for your major. So look at your transcript and pick your classes for winter term and spring so you can complete all your classes by then. Go meet with a counselor now to double-check. You will need to put these classes into your application.
  5. Investigate impacted majors and programs:  Many campuses have too many students in particular programs so you may need to find out which ones are limiting enrollment. Here is a link to the list of impacted programs by major and campus.
  6. Use the CSU Planner: Use the planner under Planning for College. You can fill it out anytime and it will transfer right into your application when you are ready.
  7. Gather financial information: Collect your family’s financial information. You will need your family’s income if you want a fee waiver for the CSU applications and plan to apply for EOP, a great support program for low-income students.
  8. Share your residency status:  Remember, AB 540 student can get admitted to the CSU system but you cannot qualify for a fee waiver or formal financial aid. You need to state your residency status honesty.
  9. Follow all deadlines: The Cal States are no longer flexible with deadlines. They will not count any classes you take next summer before transferring, they will not waive registration and transcripts deadlines, so develop a list of deadlines and keep to them.
  10. Start looking for scholarships: There are many scholarships out there for transfer students. Look at the Hispanic College Fund. Look at the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. Campuses have scholarships for AB540 students.

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