UC Financial Aid Packages: Making Sense of Them 3

Here are some tips to help you make sense of your UC financial aid package. Some of these tips can work for other universities.

  1. Between the date of your acceptance and early April, each campus will release its financial aid package to you. These packages may differ, so check and compare each. You will only get your package if all of your FAFSA and Cal Grant materials are submitted and correct.
  2. Find your campus login information. Save this information somewhere where you always find it.
  3. Log in and find your financial aid award. It’s listed on the college’s admissions website.
  4. Read all the core information. What is your aid package? Print this out. It includes
    1. grants from the UC, Pell, Cal Grant, state and federal government
    2. loans-Perkins, direct, and unsubsidized
    3. family contribution (EFC)
    4. your contribution-via work study on campus or summer or year long jobs you get on your own.
  5. Show the package to your parents or family. Let them get used to it. Show them how little they will have to pay. They can pay this amount in installments. The deposit will count.
  6. If the package doesn’t make sense, then call the financial aid office at the campus. You may have to ask for special consideration if your family cannot meet required contribution.
  7. Loans are okay. They are payable over 10 years and you only start paying them back after you graduate.
  8. For AB540 Students. Unfortunately, you do not qualify for state or federal aid. You do qualify for instate tuition. Contact the financial aid office for any special programs they may have for you. Apply for external scholarships.
  9. Everyone: Look for scholarships now or next year to cover any left over expenses. Go to your financial aid office and ask about scholarships you can apply that are campus specific.

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