Part III: Deciding Where to Go

Get Me To College


The Complete Guide for Paying for College if You’re Not Documented!!!Part III: Deciding Where To Go and How to Pay!!!
We know that many of you are undocumented. We know that people call you AB540 students. We believe as do millions of people in this country that you have the right to go to college.Carlos Gomez, Class of 2013, Santa Clara University“As undocumented students, our path to higher education is not an easy one, BUT it is not unobtainable. It just has extra curves and obstacles that one must overcome.”

 Deciding Where to GO?

1.      When will I find out if I get in?

  • January-April is when most colleges send out their acceptance letters.
  • Make sure your college accepts CA Dream Act money.
  • If you get accepted, begin to contact people at these colleges on how they can help you fund your education as an undocumented student.
  • Consider calling the diversity or multicultural office and speaking with someone there.
  • Again, develop networks at these colleges and let them know how interested you are in attending their college.
  • These colleges will give you money but you must sell yourself accordingly and make it clear what you will bring to their campus.

 2.      How do I choose if I get into several colleges?

  • If you get into several colleges, you’re lucky.
  • See which one makes you’re the best offer.
  • If you like another college better, call the admission officer and tell them what offer you got from another college.
  • Ask if colleges will pay for you to visit. If not, find out if there is an AB540 group on campus and email them for information.

 3.      What if I can’t afford to go or get rejected?

  • If you have gotten rejected, do not worry, you are not alone and it is not the end of your college journey.
  • If you can afford to go, you also still have options.
  • Apply to a community college, often times students find it more economical to attend a community college for two years and then transfer to a college of their choice. Remember, in many states you qualify for fee waivers. In CA, students now qualify for Board of Governor (BOG) fee waivers for CCs.
  • Taking two years at a community college will give you extra time to research for more scholarships and contact people that can help you get scholarships.