Part IV: Getting Off to a Good Financial Start

Get Me To College



The Complete Guide for Paying for College if You’re Not Documented!!  Part IV: Getting Off to a Good Financial Start Freshman Year
getmetocollege_rond-01We know that many of you are undocumented. We know that people call you AB540 students. We believe as do millions of people in this country that you have the right to go to college.Carlos Gomez, Class of 2013, Santa Clara University“As undocumented students, our path to higher education is not an easy one, BUT it is not unobtainable. It just has extra curves and obstacles that one must overcome.”

1.      How do I do my finances?

  • In many states, state aid will cover the majority of your expenses.
  • Make sure to apply for school scholarships and state financial aid.
  • Your scholarships will usually pay your tuition, books, food, fees, and room.
  • They money goes directly to the college.
  • If there is money left over, you will get a check.
  • Use this money wisely.

2.      How can I get a job? How can I get paid?

  1.  As an undocumented student, you can now apply for the Federal Deferred Action. Once you get your SSN or TIN number, you can get a driver’s license and apply for jobs.
  2. Universities and other employers can now hire you. Be strong in applying once you get your federal approval.
  3. Establish a relationship with someone you know that owns his or her own business. As you get to know them let them know your struggles and your need.
  4. Ask the people in the financial aid office or diversity office. They will connect you with people who can hire you.

3.      Where do I meet students like me?

  • Lots of colleges have organizations for undocumented students.
  • Join ethnic and cultural organizations
  • Become a member of student government
  • Become a dorm rep
  • Start doing community service.