First Quarter Is Over…Second quarter/semester…

Gabriel in Action

About ten weeks ago I started my first year, and quarter, here at UCLA. I was nervous and a little scared, yet once I got started there was no looking back. I was faced with many challenges along the way, one of which was reading several scholarly level texts that I frankly had no clue what they were about. As time when on I discovered that even though it may seem impossible at times, you can actually do it. I remember reading the same paragraphs over and over, but once I understood it the feeling of self-accomplishment motivated me to go on.

I stayed up several nights reading, writing papers, and rehearsing choreography, but at the end of the day I knew that it would all be worth it. My hard work and sleepless nights paid off because I was able to succeed in all my classes. When my papers were handed back to me, looking at the A’s and B’s showed me that all my efforts were paying off. I was getting the grades that I wanted it was gratifying to see what I have accomplished.

Although college can be stressful at times, it does have a fun side. Living on campus was the best decision I ever made. My floor is really social and I have met the greatest people ever. Whenever I am feeling stressed I usually go to the lounge to relax and have funny conversations with my friends. My floor is really diverse and I have met and befriended many people of different races and ethnicities. We all share things about our own cultures with one another like different foods and even language. I am trying to teach my roommate Spanish and one of my friends is trying to teach me Mandarin. You are all probably wondering about the frat parties and to that I say, GO!!! Have fun and enjoy yourself, responsibly of course. It is always a good idea to let loose every once and a while to relieve some stress.

Now that the ten weeks are over, it is amazing to see how fast it went by. I have made so many memories with my new friends. The theme song for when my friends and I go out is “Memories” by David Guetta because we know that we will always have a blast on our random/spontaneous adventures. The quarter seems to go by in an instant, but the memories you create will last forever.


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