Mid-Year Message for Juniors 33

Okay Juniors-It’s time to ramp up the college readiness!!!

1. Develop a test schedule for the SAT tests-both the main SAT and SAT Subject Test (SAT IIs) and/or ACT.

  • Will you take the SAT in March and May?
  • Will you take two or three SAT IIs in June?
  • Will you take the ACT once this spring?
  • You can get fee waivers for these tests. Go see your counselors know about getting these waivers!!!

2. Take your classes as seriously as possible as spring grades are the last grades the CSUs and UCs will see if you do not take any summer classes. So if you have any low grades, make them up now!!!

3.  Ramp up your participation in activties. If you can become a leader, become one. If you make a strong contribution do it now!!!

4. Begin to contact colleges. If you want to stay in California. California Colleges is a great website. If you want to branch out, good for you. Go online and begin to look for schools. The Fiske Guide a great book. The College Board has a great site that enables you to search by majors, location, size of college, and more.

5. Colleges and college fairs are coming to your area this spring. NACAC offers college fairs across the country. Find one near you.


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