Mid-Year Message for Seniors 1


1. FILL OUT YOUR FAFSA NOW!!! The sooner you fill it out, the sooner you will qualify for loans and scholarships!!! BEG your parents to let you do it. The 2010-2011 application is easier than ever to complete.

See FINANCIAL AID section for advice.

2. Please make sure you take winter finals seriously. These are your most important grades for private colleges and will make or break you for public colleges if you let your grades go down.

3. Once grades come out…

  • Make sure your counselors get these mid-year grades out as colleges require them. Go in nicely and ask. Thank them always for taking such good care of you!!!
  • If you were deferred, make sure to send a letter to the college with your mid-year up date. Send in a great paper or project. Send in another letter of recommendation. In YOUR letter, make sure you include an initiave or leadership you have shown in the past three months!!!
  • If your English or Government/Economics grade or other A-G course grade is a D, you must re-take it this course this spring online or in school or you run the risk of having your admissions from a CSU or UC taken back. If you have to wait to the summer to re-take it, you must notify the colleges when they accept you to see if that is alright.

4. Make sure your applications are complete. If something is missing, get it now!!!


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