Now is the Time for Seniors to Start with College Application Readiness!!! 10

1. Register for fall testing! SAT, SAT Subject Tests, ACT. Take a test again or twice this fall. See below for additional testing notes.

2. Take the most challenging classes possible. Clear up deficiencies by the end of the school year at the latest.

3. Begin college application complete. Begin completing the Common Application which comes online August 1. The UC and CSU applications come online October 1. Other public colleges come online soon.

4. Visit or contact colleges. Contact admissions and diversity admissions representatives. Schedule fall visits. Visit classes. Take tours. Spend the night. Always take notes and send thank you emails or letters.

5. Begin writing college essays. See my essay tips.

6. Find scholarships. Begin researching scholarships at particular colleges and for particular groups. See my scholarship tips.

7. Develop a master chart. Put together a master chart of your colleges with info about deadlines, passwords, requirements, interviews, and local campus visits in your area. THE UCs and CSUS are due November 30, drop dead last date.

8. Continue with leadership and initiative in activities, jobs, and service.

9. Make a resume. Make a resume to bring with you to interviews. See my resume tips.

10. Contact teachers and counselors in August. Ask your teachers and counselors early to write you recommendations for applications, scholarships, and EOP.

Additional testing notes:

  • There are fee waivers for two test dates for each and every test!!! You’ll do better if you prepare.
  • You can take the SAT or SAT Subject Tests in October, November, and December.
  • You can take the SAT or up to three SAT Subject Tests per test date.
  • Even schools to which you apply rolling or the state schools will accept December scores.
  • You can send scores out free to four schools. Use CSU Mentor for all CSU campuses. If you run out of free schools, private colleges may let your counselor fax them scores. But make sure.
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