Seniors –It’s time to sign up for fall tests

Ten Tips

1. Remember the UCs require SATs/ACT with writing and two SAT Subject Tests.  The
CSUs require on the SAT/ACT.  Community colleges don’t require the tests.  Private Colleges require wide-range.  Some are test optional.  Link to list of those schools is below.

2. UCs use highest overall test date scores. Others use highest SAT per area and highest ACT overall test dates.

3. Since this is the fall, if you need to take Subject Tests, only take areas you review or will do well in. Math 2 and Literature are good. So are foreign languages if you’re fluent.

4.  It’s better to take tests more than once–yes, more than once.  You get more confidence. You get more experience. Others do it.

5. Consider taking…

  • October – SAT Is
  • November – SAT Subject Tests– Remember, this is only month Foreign Language Listening section is offered.
  • December – SAT again or Subject Tests Again.

6. If you like the ACT… take it in September and then again in December. The ACT allows you to send the highest test date.

7. Waivers are available. Go to your college center or guidance center for information.

8. Send your scores after latest test date. YOU MUST SEND THEM EVEN IF YOU REPORT THEM ON YOUR APPLICATION.

9. If you’re applying early, send in October scores and then rush or fax November scores if they are good.

10. PRACTICE!!!. The SAT has free questions each day. Find online resource. Or go to the library or book store and buy a practice book.

For younger family members, friends, classmates.

1.  Tell your friends, younger siblings, and relatives to take the PSAT or PLAN (ACT readiness test) this fall if they’re in 10th or 11th grade.

2. Tell them to take the SAT or ACT in the spring…March, May, or June

3.  Tell them to take Subject Tests in the spring.

4. Sign up for free or low price test prep at school.

Important Links

1. SAT

2. ACT

3. Fair Test – This is a list of schools that have optional test policies.

4. SAT Practice Test

5. ACT Test Prep

6. Free test prep review for all tests


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