Five January Tips for High School Seniors


1.       Keep grades as high as possible. Senioritis is a disease you must fight. Colleges want to see your first semester grades before they decide whether to admit you. All will want to see your final senior year grades and will take back admissions if your grades fall. I know it seems as if you can relax after you submit your applications, but you cannot. Students who may want to transfer after freshman year must have the highest senior year grades possible. PARENTS: Keep on top of your kids. Contact teachers every month to make sure. I know students whose grades fell and lost their spots at their accepted. 

2.       Make sure all paperwork is sent out to and by received by colleges. Do not assume everything is submitted to each college. Double check that transcripts, test scores, recommendations, and other materials are not only sent out but also received by colleges.

3.       Set up files for each college. Each college to which you applied will send you a user name and password.  You need to set up accounts at each of them, and check whether your materials are all submitted. You will find out how to apply for merit scholarships, housing, and even receive your admissions and financial aid decisions through many of them.

4.       Complete other college and scholarship applications. Many colleges are still accepting applications. You can still submit them. There are also many scholarships you can apply to and use other essays you have written. Be proactive.

5.       Apply for financial aid. The 2013-2013 financial aid application (FAFSA) is open. Check your state’s deadline. For example, California students need to submit their forms along with Cal Grants by March 2, 2013. Do not miss these deadlines. Many private colleges also require the CSS profile. Your parents need to supply their tax information so be proactive and encourage them to help you apply. If they get stuck, there are many free sites to help you. Do not pay any website to guide you.



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