Monthly Archives: October 2010

I’ve been living at Sarah Lawrence College for 7 weeks now and I sit here typing this while simultaneously blasting the Chili Peppers out my laptop it finally struck me— really struck me; I have complete control over my experience here. It is completely up to me to make this worth it.

The Three Convergents of College Life

It is now 12:47am (October 5th) and I am currently working on a paper that is due in two days, well technically tomorrow because it is now Tuesday. If I ever feel that I just have to much work to do, I usually come to the lounge where I can get some homework done while surrounded by others that are focused on their homework... As the phrase goes "monkey see, monkey do" and that is what helps me get into the mindset of working on homework.

Staying Up Late to Do Homework

So one month is officially done with, and it amazes me that I have survived. :) I don't want to make college sound horrible, it's actually pretty great. I came here with the preconception that I was going to be overly depressed and that I wasn't going to meet anyone, but I guess what's helped me through this is the fact that everyone is going through the same thing. In my suite, I have friends that are always inviting me to eat, watch Glee on Hulu, watch a random movie, play Taboo, buy Penn's awesomest cookies known as Insomnia Cookies, go to shows,etc. My roommate is pretty awesome and the very first day we set ground rules and so far, things have worked out great. Dorm life is probably the coolest part of being in college.

Johanna’s First Month at Penn