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Happy Thanksgiving. So many of our students are waiting to hear from early action, decision, or notification colleges, as are students who applied for Posse and Questbridge Scholarships. Sadly, all of them will not get admitted, and they need to have other applications ready to go. If they don't, they will have a horrible holiday vacation, and drag you into it. So please, share these tips to get students working on their other applications now!!!

Waiting for Early Application Acceptances?: Prepare Other Applications NOW!!!

If you are the parent of a high school senior, you have my congratulations for making it this far and my sympathy for the chaos the college admissions process can bring.Right now, I truly empathize with families weighing the pros and cons of applying early to colleges. Remember, Early Decision is binding, while Early Action, Restrictive Early Action, and Priority Deadlines are not.

To Apply Early or Not Apply Early

Congratulations for getting accepted Early Decision (ED) to the top college of your choice. You deserve knowing that you have found your match college so early. YET, every year I work with students who lose their ED spot, because they enter what I term the “black hole of senior year.”Students: Truly, keep working hard. Mild senioritis is normal. Extreme is not. Enjoy your summer after graduation. Stay committed to high school.Parents: You need to keep a keener eye on your Early Decision child than ever before. Contact the school once a month to keep track. Contact teachers and ask for any notifications of lower grades or conduct.

Accepted Early Decision?: Five Dangers to Avoid

Ten Tips for Working from Deferral to Acceptance. Getting deferred from a college are good and bad things at the same time. It is good because the college is still interested in you and has put you into the regular applicant pool. It is good because the college can now see your fall grades and learn more about you. It is bad because the odds of deferred admissions are lower than applying regular, and waiting another four months for a potentially negative answer is agony. So these tips are all prefaced on the assumption that you are submitting other outstanding other applications. You will find a college that suits you and makes you happy!!!!

Ten Tips for Working from Deferral to Acceptance

There are many different types of college admissions. Keep track of college acceptance types and make sure you don't apply too early if you need to wait for higher test scores and fall grades. Some colleges have specific deadlines, while others accept students as they apply or who meet certain minimum criteria. Some have binding early decision options, while some let you get in early and then still apply to other colleges. Many state colleges have only one fixed deadline. Be smart in choosing how you will apply to a college.

Definitions of Types of College Admissions