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Summer is coming, and college readiness does not stop for your students, especially those entering their senior years and going off to college. Here are some tips for ending the school year and helping you and your students use their summers well.

June College Readiness Tips for Teachers and College Advocates

Martin says why parents should let their children go away to college, especially on full scholarships. Martin, a presidential scholar at Villanova, is the first in his family to go to college. Martin grew up in Southern California and his family supported his college dreams that have taken him across the country (for free) and even to Rome. His younger brother goes to school in Michigan.

Part II-Four Years They’ll Never Get Back-Let your child go ...

Williams spent months on his college application essays. They worked, and he got a full ride to Boston College and thousands of dollars in scholarships. He focused on what made him an individual. You can do the same even if you only have a few days to write your essays.

Focus on individuality. Williams’ College Essay Approach

Johanna made sure to let colleges know she has surmounted major challenges to make it to college. She spent significant time writing her essays. She told powerful stories to help convince major top colleges to accept her.

Tell Your Story in Your Application Essays.

It is now 12:47am (October 5th) and I am currently working on a paper that is due in two days, well technically tomorrow because it is now Tuesday. If I ever feel that I just have to much work to do, I usually come to the lounge where I can get some homework done while surrounded by others that are focused on their homework... As the phrase goes "monkey see, monkey do" and that is what helps me get into the mindset of working on homework.

Staying Up Late to Do Homework