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This is a list of colleges and their policies towards undocumented students. We end this list with all major California colleges. These colleges were selected because they promise to offer mostly grant aid (free money!) and limited loans. However, some do not provide this assistance. See the details for each college below. We are still waiting to hear from the college if no information is provided. Schools with ©s by their name offer some full rides to undocumented students.

School Policies Towards Undocumented Students

There are many different types of college admissions. Keep track of college acceptance types and make sure you don't apply too early if you need to wait for higher test scores and fall grades. Some colleges have specific deadlines, while others accept students as they apply or who meet certain minimum criteria. Some have binding early decision options, while some let you get in early and then still apply to other colleges. Many state colleges have only one fixed deadline. Be smart in choosing how you will apply to a college.

Definitions of Types of College Admissions

Fall 2011 Diversity College Visits.-Updated September 26. New additions. Franklin & Marshall, Pomona, and Trinity Colleges. Many colleges are hosting diversity college visits this fall. Some deadlines have passed, but if you’re interested still APPLY. I can email you the list in its entirety and by deadline. Email us at

2011 Diversity Fly-in List: Colleges Pay for Seniors to Visit ...